15th May,2011   

15th Moga District Junior Chess Championship-2011 was conducted by Moga District Chess Association in Sacred Heart School,Moga on 14th and 15th May,2011.The junior groups were -Boys Under-13,16,19 and Girls-Under-15,19.
The response was overwhelming,  total  260 players participated in the championship.  Competition was tough in all the groups.
Deputy Commissioner Moga Dr. Vijay N. Zade,IAS inaugurated the championship.He himself being a chess player was happy to see so many young players.He declared to give help to the Association in coaching the junior playeres.
Mrs. Vijaya Jeba Kumar,Principal Sacred Heart School,Moga gave away the prizes to the winners. Total cash prize Rs. 5000/- was distributed among the winners. 1st prize winner was awarded cash Rs. 500/- 2nd Rs. 300/- 3rd Rs. 200/- in all the 5 groups plus trophies.Following are the results-
Under-19 Boys- 
               1st Bhupinder Narang,  2nd Raghav Nauharia, 
               3rd Rajat Sharma,Kitchlu Public school,Moga
Under-16 Boys-
           1st Ashwani Kumar,   2nd  Ajay Sood ,Sacred Heart School,Moga
          3rd Harjit Singh,Dashmesh High School,Moga.
 Under-13    Boys-
       1st Sukhjeevan Bansal,DN Model School,Moga ,  
       2nd Shubham Khanna DN Model School,Moga   
       3rd Saksham Bansal DN Model School,Moga
Under-19 Girls-
      1st Gurpreet Kaur,      2nd Kajal,     3rd Inderpreet Kaur
Under-15 Girls-
    1st Kulveer Kaur,   2nd Parul Goyal Sacred Heart Shool,Moga
    3rd Poonam SD Girls School,Moga.
D.N.Model Sr. Sec. School,Moga was declared over all champion.
Sacred Heart School,Moga was awarded trophy for sending maximum no. of players for the tournament.
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“I declare the tournament open”Dr.Vijay N.Zade,IAS,Deputy Commissioner,Moga inaugurating the tournament.

 15th Nov,2011

Open Moga District Chess Championship-2011 was conducted by Moga District Chess Associaion on 12th & 13th Nov,2011 in Dev Samaj Sr. Sec, School, Moga.10 players were selected to represent Moga in Panjab-B chess championship.First 3 players were awarded cash prize and trophies.Following are the 10 selected players- 
1.Chetan Bansal 2. Vinod Sharma 3. Gundeep singh 4.Gurpreet Kaur 5. Ankit Gupta6.Abhay Sood 7.Sukhdev Singh 8.Sukhjeet Singh 9.Raghav Nauharia 10.Naiya.
5th Nov,2011
MDCA will conduct Open Moga District Chess Championship at Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School,Moga on 12th & 13th Nov,2011 to select  10 member Moga Team for Panjab-B Championship.
Entry Fee –          Rs.100-
Cash Prizes-    1st Rs.500- ,     2nd Rs.300-,     3rd Rs.200-      plus trophies.
                              Certificates will be awarded to all the participants.
Contact          09814515178,9465428141


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 2nd Jan,2011
 7 States open Prize Money Chess Championship-2010,Moga

         Arvinderpreet Singh of Ludhiana is Champion. 

Aakarshan Gupta of Jalandhar is Under-17 Champion. 

The reigning champion Arvinderpreet Singh of Ludhiana retained his title which he had won previous year at Moga.On his way to championship he beat Panjab Champion Vikas Sharma and RK Nath of Himachal Pradesh.He scored a perfect 7/7. 

7 states open prize money chess championship was conducted  from 31st Dec,2010 to 2nd January,2011 at Dharamshala Lal Chand,Moga.It was for 2 categories open and Under-17. 

  Tota 141 players participated in the championship.It  was a 7 round event for both categories. 

The biggest surprise of the tournament was 2 losses of Panjab Champion Vikas Sharma,at the hands ofAnurudh Garg and Arvinderpreet Singh. 

Gagan Joshi of Moga performed well in the tournament,he beat one of the top players of Panjab Pradeep Arora of Amritsar. 

   Sh. Barjinder Singh Brar,President Muncipal Committee Moga declared the tournament open. 

Sardar Sheetal Singh ,Chief Parliamentary Secretay Panjab Govt. gave away the prizes to the winners. 

The other distiguished guests visiting the tournament on different days were Sh. Yogesh Goyal,Chairman Improvement Trust,Moga,Sh. Ravinder Kumar CA,Sh. Vinod Bansal,Sh. Devinderpal Singh,president Lions Club-Vishal Moga,Sh. Krishan Kumar Kaura chairman LLRIET,Moga, Sh. GD Bansal. 

     Players were provided free boarding and lodging. Following are the results- 

Open Category– 

1st Arvinderpreet Singh,2nd Anurudh Garg, 3rd Vivek Astir,4th RK Nath, 5th Naveen Bansal 6th Chetan Bansal,7th Gagan Joshi,8th Intkhab Alam,9th Vikram Ranolia,10th Vikas Sharma,11th Gurshert Singh,12th Pankaj Sharma,13thIqvinder Singh,14th Tarun Ratta, 15th Raminderbir Singh. 

    Under-17 Category– 

1st Aakarshan Gupta,2nd Jashanpreet Singh,3rd Amarjot Singh,4th Vibhor Sharma 5th Anirudh Kapoor, 6th Rajan(blind),7th Ishan Bansal,8th Gurpreet Singh,9th Jatin Wadhwa,10th Aashish Goyal,11th Damanpreet Singh,12th Jasdeep Singh,13th Adesh Chandolia, 14th Raghav Nauharia,15th Lovish Verma 

                            Total cash prize for open category was Rs. 25000- and for U-17 was Rs.10,000-. 

Chief Guest S. Barjinder Singh Brar,President MC Moga inaugurating the tournament.


Chief-Guest S. Sheetal Singh,Chief Parliamentary Secretary Panjab with the first three position holders of both groups.


 First 15 players in each category were given cash prizes. 

    12 January,2011

First Pathankot Open Chess Championship.

Pathankot Chess Center conducted 1st Pathankot open Chess championship at Arya School,Pathankot on 8th & 9th January,2011.It was first such attempt in Pathankot.110 players participated in the championship.Tournament was for three categories-U-14,U-19 Boys and girls open.Total cash prize Rs. 25,000- was distributed among the winners.

 Rashmi of Jalandhar won the Girls championship.Under-14 championship was won by Sarthak Gupta of Pathankot,Under-19 Championship was won by Harman Dang of Pathankot.

Following are the results-

Girls-   1st Rashmi,   2nd  Bhavya Minhas,   3rd Aastha Gupta.

Under-14 Boys-  1st Sarthak Gupta,   2nd Angad Parmar,    3rd Anindya Trehan

U-19  Boys-   1st Harman Dang,   2nd Uday Ghai

 Mr.Anil Vij President Pathankot Muncipal Committe and Mr. Kripal Parmar former M.P. were Chief guests for prize distribution function.

Tournament’s main sponsor was Dr. Yash Gupta,ENT specialist of Pathankot.

Mr. M.L. Trehan and Harvilas Lal Devi trust sponsored first prizes in U-14,19 categories.

    Main force behind tournament was Mr. Anirudh Trehan who runs Pathankot Chess Center for students and who hmself is a National player. 

6th Monthly Moga distt. chess championship was held on 28th Nov,10 at Dev Samaj School,Moga. First 4 players were given cash prizes.Results are as under-

1st Chetan Bansal,

2nd Vinod Sharma,

3rd Raghav Nauharia,

 4th Aswani Kumar

12th Dec,2010

Open Moga Distt Chess championship was  held on 11th and 12th Dec,2010 to select Moga Distt players for Panjab-B.10 players were selected from this tournament to represent Moga District in Panjab-B chess championship.Tournament was held in Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School,Moga. Sh. Anurag Dhuria,Principal Dev Samaj School gave away the prizes to the winners.

Selected players are-

1. Chetan Bansal, 2. Gundeep singh, 3.Sukhdev Singh, 4. Vinod Sharma

5.GaganJoshi, 6.Iqvinder Singh, 7.Ankit Gupta, 8.Gurpreet Kaur, 9.Ashwani Kumar, 10.Abhishek Jain.



  5th monthly Moga Distt. chess championship was held on 17th Oct,2010 at Dev Samaj  School,Moga.17 players participated in the championship.First 6 players were awarded cash prizes.         RESULT-

1st       Chetan Bansal, 2nd    Vinod Sharma,  3rd  Gagan Joshi

4th   Gurmit Singh,  5th   Ashwani Kumar, 6th  Aashu

It is worth mentioning here that entry for this tournament is restricted.This is a new series of tournaments started by MDCA in Panjab .

4th Monthly Moga District  Chess Championship

4th Monthly Moga District  Chess Championship was held on 22nd Aug,2010 at Dev Samaj School,Moga.21 players participated in the championship.A total cash prize of Rs. 1250- was distributed among first 6 players.


1st        Sunny Sivia,2nd           Vinod Sharma,3rd       Gurpreet Kaur,4th      Manav Sharma,5th     Gagan Joshi,6th            Chetan Bansal

It is worth mentioning here that entry for this tournament is restricted.This is a new series of tournaments started by MDCA in Panjab .

     3rd Monthly Moga District Chess Championship

 3rd Monthly Moga District Chess Championship was held on 25July,2010 at Dev Samaj School,Moga. 24 players participated in the championship.A total cash prize of Rs. 1400- was distributed among first 8 players-

1st Chetan Bansal,2nd Vinod Sharma,3rd Gagan Joshi,4th Umrao Singh,5th Ashwani Kumar,6th Gurpreet Kaur,7th Ravi Khanna,
8th Sunny Sivia

Entry for this championship is restricted to only 30 players.

 1st  Monthly Moga District Chess Championship.

A new series of tournaments has been started  by MDCA.A tournament among top 30 players of  Moga District.Entry is restricted,maximum no. of players has been restricted to 30.First such tournament was conducted on 30th May,2010 at Dev Samaj School,Moga.This will remain a 1 day tournament.Total cash prize Rs.2000- was distributed among first 13 players.


1st–      Vinod Sharma

2nd       Gagan Joshi

3rd        Chetan Bansal



                               2nd Monthly Moga District Chess Championship

2nd Monthly Moga District Chess Championship was held on 4th July,2010 at Arya Boys School,Mga.            28 players participated in the championship.A total cash prize of Rs. 1700- was diostributed among first 10 players-

1st        Vinod Sharma,2nd       Gagan Joshi,  3rd Gundeep Singh,    4th Sunny Sivia,

5th        Umrao Singh,6th         Ankit gupta,7th           Barinder Singh,8th      Ashwani Kumar, 9th   Gurpreet Kaur,10th        Abhay Sood

Chief- Guest Mrs .Vasanti Abraham making the opening move in a previous tournament.

14th Moga Distt Junior Chess Chp.

The tournament was conducted at Dev Samaj Sr. Sec Schhol,Moga on 8th & 9th May,2010.Groups were U13,16,19 B & G.Total 142 players participated.Sh CL Sachdeva was chief guest for prize distribution.


Boys U-19     1st Adesh Chandolia NC ,2nd Sunita ,3rd Barinderjit Singh SHS

Boys U-16     1st Ashwani Kumar AMS, 2nd Naitik DN, 3rd Abhay Sood

Boys U-13     1st Raghav Nauharia Adarsh School, 2nd Sukhjeevan Bansal , 3rd Sachin Bansal DN

Girls U-16     1st Inderpreet Kaur SD,2nd Arzoo Grover SHS,3rd Rajni SD

Girls U-13     1st Parul Goyal SHS,2nd Harjot Kaur GNP,3rd Amandeep Kaur,GNP

DN Model school was declared champion school and also got maximum participation award.

First three players in each category were awarded cash prize of Rs. 500-,300-,200-, trophies and certificates.Total cash prize Rs. 6000- and free lunch,coffee was provided to all the participants.